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Ball Retrieval

Turn those lost golf balls on your course into Cash!

We have several options for golf courses to earn some cash from those lost balls.  Simply choose your option and let us do the dirty work.

1) We pay the golf course up to 0.10 per balls ( Depends on the quality )

2) 60/40 split right out of the water ( 40% for the golf course )

3) 30% back as very good quality range or resale balls.

A) Example: We pull 5000 balls out, we give you 1500 range or resale.

B) Resale balls will be of the top two grades, and will include everything from Top-flite to Titleist.

C) Range balls will be of the top two grades, and are all factory made range balls, no hand striped balls.

4) The golf course buys them all back @ 0.12 per ball.

5) Can do combinations, or you may switch from one to the other anytime you like.

6) We buy used range balls, up to 0.10 cents per ball.

Paul’s Pledge

We take pride in providing the highest quality recycled golf balls available at an economical price!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your used golf ball purchase, we will replace your order free of charge or return the price of your purchase.

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